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We are one of the fastest growing and largest private educational options trading communities with over 2,100+ subscribed members. We deliver content and services every single day to help traders of all varying skill levels become informed as traders on wall street, all from the comfort of your own home.

Founded in August of 2019, Jason Lee identified the challenge that there were many people who wanted to learn how to invest in the stock markets but didn’t know where to start. Knowing that he had the passion for teaching while designing and creating helpful content, he began the OptionsSwing Instagram channel. Two years later, there are now over 400,000 people that are part of our community.

What Do We Do?

We offer a premium experience for all of our community members. Through our private Discord server, we enable you to learn how to trade in the Stock Market. Join thousands of other like-minded members as we look for opportunities to learn together each day.

Meet the Team

Jason Lee

Jason Lee

Founder & CEO

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Jose I.

Co-founder & CTO

Jason Lee (3)

Janet H.

Co-founder & COO

Jason Lee (4)

Roshan U.


Jason Lee (5)

Saim A.


Jason Lee (6)

Kabir S.


Jason Lee (7)

Sylvain P.

Product Success

Jason Lee (8)

Daniel B.


Jason Lee (9)

Warwick G.


Jason Lee (11)

Will N.


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Anastasiia K.

Graphic Designer

Jason Lee (12)

Gabby I.

Customer Success

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