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What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Sorry, as we give you access to proprietary tools, assets, and knowledge, we do not offer refunds but you are welcome to cancel your membership at anytime. If canceled , any applied discounts are forfeited.

How do I manage/cancel my membership?

Click the Sign In link to access your account and manage your membership from there. To cancel your reoccurring subscription, click “cancel subscription”.

If I need help, how can I contact you?

Navigate to Contact Us and submit your request/question and someone will respond shortly. Thank you for your patience!

How did you get started?

I discovered Options Trading three years ago and through a lot of trial and error, I ended up discovering ways to be more disciplined in the way I trade and make a secondary stream of income from it. Over time, friends found out and would ask me for advice and after the texting situation got to be too much, I decided to create an Instagram channel to streamline the way I get information out. Through word of mouth, our OptionsSwing community grew to what it is now!

How long have you been trading?

I’ve been trading stocks for eight years and options trading for for the last three. I am by no means a professional nor do I hold any credentials. We do all of our own research and technical analysis within the Discord channel and are very transparent and open about why we pick what we pick.

Do you personally profit if people buy these options contracts that are suggested?

Absolutely NOT. The companies will report their earnings with or without my intervention and their stock will go up or down in reaction to it. All I am doing is the leg work on the front end to research and speculate, so that I can make my own picks prior to these companies announcing. I then make a post so everyone can see my Picks for the Week and trade along once they do their own due diligence.

What is your success rate?

You can check my previous Instagram posts to see how we do each week….but the point of the channel is not to “just make picks.” We are a community of experienced options traders that are helping others learn to be more profitable and consistent when trading. I’ve spent countless hours making sure that every member of our community has access to the invaluable knowledge and experience that can be found within our group. How successful you are is dependant on your own effort to learn and participate within our community.

How much money do you recommend to start with?

We recommend having a minimum of $2000 expendable money in your account, but we do have members with less that paper trade for practice and use the month to learn as much as they can.

Do you have a trading group/group chat/Discord channel?

YES! Please visit Our Plans to see our multiple offers. It gives you full access to our Discord channel where you’ll be able to learn, chat, and trade with other like-minded people and mentors.

Any advice for when to sell?

I always tell my members to buy/sell half at open and the rest throughout the day to maximize profit potential/minimize loss. Most make the mistake of buying/selling their entire position in a single order but with the advantage of $0 commission trading, it costs the same to sell ten separate orders as it does to sell just one. Why not take advantage of it! Also, always lock in profits!

I’m having a technical issue with my account (including issues with key binding, billing, and login issues)

Navigate to Contact Us and submit your request/question and someone will respond shortly. Thank you for your patience!

Do you have a referral program for existing members to invite friends and family?

We absolutely do. Existing members can navigate to Sign In to log into their account dashboard. From there, you can scroll down to find your unique referral code to send to others. Each time a new member uses your referral code, they will get 25% OFF their first month as a way to try out our premium trading community. Referral points can be accumulated and redeemed within your account dashboard as well under “Rewards.”

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