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Options Flow

Track unusal options activity to easily spot and find your own opportunities.

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Uncover unusual options activity by following the smart money

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OS Algo helps cut through the noise by identify unique trades each day

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Fully control what you want to search for making research simple and easy

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I really enjoy being in this group. I have been in this group for 7 months and this is the best trading group.

What I love the most is that they teach you how to cook, instead of handing you the food. This group will benefit anyone a lot!

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    Kevin Li

    OptionsSwing Member

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    OS Flow is our web-based platfrom that streams live daily options order flow data

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    Search for any ticker and filter by Volume, Strike, Expiry, Premium, and more

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    OS Algo intelligently highlights usual options activity in our private Discord server

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    Fully licensed market data from the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA)

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    Follow the smart money in real-time and identfy your own trade opportunities

$60 /Month

Exclusive access to both OS Flow and
OS Algo for one single p rice!

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