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Regardless of skill level, all traders are welcome as we navigate the stock markets together within our private Discord server. Participate real-time with us every single day as we seek out market opportunities as an entire community.

You can request technical analysis from our mentors, join our daily office hours to ask questions, and engage with friends.

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OS Flow

Now you can see what the whales and institutions are trading to spot your own trading opportunities with our licensed real-time market flow data from the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA).

Make effective trading decisions by following the smart money and our even smarter traders.

Let automation simplify your life.

OS Academy

Do you want to trade learn to trade options, but not know where to start? Then OptionsSwing Academy is the perfect solution for you.

We offer a comprehensive educational platform that allows you to learn at your own pace while providing things like quizzes to ensure that you're understanding all of the material.

Start your journey today!

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